Ecofuel Apulia Bari, Italy

//Ecofuel Apulia Bari, Italy

Ecofuel Apulia Bari, Italy

Processing of waste plastic to produce diesel and kerosene fuels.
Fully automatic plant to process 13’500 tons of waste plastic and produce about 11 million litres of fuel per year

  • Sourcing of waste plastic in the Apulia region
  • Assessment of the Nill-Tech technology for the depolymerisation process
  • Selection of the plant site and development of the full site lay-out including the material storage and handling, the processing equipments, the control and safety units, the product storage and delivery procedures.
  • Basic engineering of the site constructions with full risk analysis and operational concept.
  • Presentation to local and regional authorities
  • Preparation and submission of the construction permits
  • Presentation to investors and to local banks to secure the full financing.

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