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Was founded in 1973 in the Holy City of Makkah. It is a multi-faceted venture with disciplines ranging from contracting and engineering to pharmaceutics and energy research with over than 7000 employees.

It all started with The Middle East Engineering Company (MEECO), which is a firm that provides engineering and architectural designing, consults. This initiative started growing exponentially which brought on the development of Al-Fouad contracting Company. This began turning the conceptual designs and concepts into reality.

Amidst all this growth, the need for support services became evident. Rather than outsource, Al-Fouad decided to provide the full scope of services regarding contracting and construction this lead to the creation of numerous smaller businesses that cover the gamut of contracting and construction support services and products. These smaller ventures began growing in their own right and Al-Fouad found itself managing a conglomerate of services with minimal need of subcontracting.
An administrative body was needed to manage the sister companies. Thus, Al-Fouad Holding Group was born.